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J&C Plumbing is proud to serve residents of beautiful, historic Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with the most innovative, effective plumbing services available on the market. We can quickly restore any pipe or plumbing fixture to optimum condition without damaging your home or disrupting your daily activities. You can count on us for the premium service you deserve when you request plumbing services from J&C Plumbing.

J&C Plumbing specializes in leading technology that reduces the time that it takes to complete a sewer repair and ensures a small repair footprint, for a low-hassle repair solution to every project. We’re fully equipped for any plumbing situation, including leaking pipes, clogged or slow drains, broken kitchen and bath fixtures, faulty sprinklers, and even malfunctioning property features such as fountains or decorative waterfalls. There is no plumbing need that we can’t handle in quickly, affordably, and professionally for a superior repair experience.

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New Construction and Remodeling

We’re also your preferred provider for plumbing installation and replumbing during new construction and remodeling projects. J&C Plumbing can install a vast selection of attractive, state-of-the art plumbing features, including luxuries such as multi-directional shower heads, tankless water heaters, and bidets. We can ensure that your home has all the kitchen, bath, and recreational water facilities you enjoy.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs in Franklin Lakes

One of the most powerful systems in J&C Plumbing’s arsenal of repair solutions is our innovative trenchless repair technology. These modern-age tools and repair materials eliminate the need for dirty, noisy, disruptive excavation that damages large swaths of your property and annoys both your household and your neighbors. Instead, our sleek, streamlined process uses minimal equipment and personnel while still providing effective, long-term results. Trenchless sewer repairs such as pipe lining and pipe bursting have a variety of benefits, but the most important of these is its protection of valuable property features such as stonework, manicured beds, mature trees, and drives or parking areas. Traditional repairs that must remove the overlying soil create a large area of collateral damage during the project, but modern trenchless technology works beneath the surface to repair the pipe in place, preserving your home’s features and protecting your property’s value. It also prevents local environmental damage such as excess landfill debris and soil erosion, and it ensures that your home remains comfortable and attractive, even if a major sewer repair is needed.

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Drain Hydro Jetting

J&C Plumbing also offers hydro jetting service, a trenchless method of drain cleaning that fully removes blockages, pipe buildup, and tree roots to restore sewer flow to optimal capacity. We offer both emergency hydro jetting to clear out obstructions, and preventive drain cleaning to strip away the layers of accumulated hard water scale, tree roots, and waste buildup that are reducing the sewer efficiency and making drains empty more slowly. We can restore pipes to like-new function in just a couple of hours, for a fast and easy solution. For the most reliable, efficient, innovative plumbing services, Franklin Lakes, NJ homeowners turn to J&C Plumbing. With years of experience in the state of New Jersey, we know how to handle any plumbing need, from sealing a simple leak to installing a whole new bathroom, and we’re ready to help you when you need us. Call today!

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