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Drain Cleaning in Bergenfield

Treating Clogged Drains Quickly & Efficiently

At J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc., we use state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled technicians to get your residential or commercial pipes flowing smoothly again. With a thorough inspection of your drains, we can identify current and potential problems and offer viable solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

Drain cleaning is needed due to a number of man-made and environmental issues. When clogs occur and the issue isn’t treated immediately, those backups can cause costly repairs.

The following are the most common causes of clogged drains and pipes:

  • Soap or hair debris
  • Oil or grease buildup
  • Foreign objects lodged in the pipes
  • Invasive tree roots

To ensure your plumbing runs smoothly, drain cleaning is one of the best preventative and treatment options. Partner with the experienced and courteous team at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. and get peace of mind knowing we will handle your residential and commercial drain cleaning services with precision and professionalism.

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Why DIY Methods Are Bad for Your Pipes

Attempting drain cleaning methods on your own can damage your pipes or worsen the clog. Many home treatment options like liquid chemical cleaners simply move the clog further along in the sewer line. The clog continues to grow and could manifest into a complete sewer line block if not handled by a professional Bergenfield plumber. The local team at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. will inspect your plumbing, offer honest and fair recommendations to resolve the issue, and complete the work in a timely manner.

Drain Cleaning as Part of Plumbing Maintenance

The plumbing pipes in your home or business should be cleaned for reasons other than a blockage. By scheduling routine drain cleaning services, you can extend the life of your plumbing. Our professional team can also warn you of any potential problems before they become major issues with yearly preventative maintenance. The J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. team only uses effective, environmentally friendly methods to clean your drains.

Our Drain Cleaning Process

The first step to properly cleaning your drains is to perform an in-depth sewer camera inspection. Advanced video equipment allows our technicians to view the inner workings of your plumbing system and determine what is causing the blocked drain or pipe. The live view of your plumbing system lets our technicians see any cracks, clogs, blockages, and breaks within your pipe system. Once the video inspection is complete, our team takes the time to fully explain any issues discovered and offer drain cleaning solutions for your pipes.

Our Bergenfield plumbers offer two eco-friendly drain cleaning methods:

  • Auger snake – A “plumbing snake” is used to remove the drain or pipe blockage. This eco-friendly way of removing drain clogs is often recommended if the blockage hasn’t traveled too far through the pipe. It’s also possible to use the snake method to fish out jewelry or other objects that fall down the drain.
  • Hydro-jetting The most popular residential Bergenfield drain cleaning method is hydro-jetting. This cleaning method harnesses the power of extreme water pressure. By forcing high-pressure water through the pipes at roughly 4000 PSI, hydro-jetting can clear years of buildup, debris, and invasive tree roots.

Stay Proactive about Your Pipe Health

At J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc., we understand not all clogged drain situations can be avoided. Routine drain cleaning maintenance is the most effective way to avoid clogged drains and pipes.

Our team has the equipment and experience to perform inspections and cleanings for any type of drains, including:

  • Bathtub drains
  • Shower drains
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Floor drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Sewers

Our professionally trained technicians offer quality drain cleaning work while being respectful of your time and property. Count on us to provide an honest service at affordable rates every time.

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