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Bergen County Sewer Cleaning

Eliminating Blockages from Your Pipes

Your home’s plumbing pipes may have a history of buildup that you inherited or problems caused by problems like tree root infiltration or hard water issues. Whether it’s a simple problem, like a clog due to flushing the wrong thing down your toilet, or a more complex issue, we can help you with sewer cleaning and hydro-jetting. This method can clear your sewer and wastewater lines for an extended period of time.

The benefits of our sewer jetting services include:

  • Effectively removes the toughest clogs including greases and fats, sediments, and tree roots
  • Keeps pipes safe because it does not use corrosive chemicals
  • Thoroughly cleans the inside of your pipe, eliminating future problems
  • Saves you time and money

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Sewer Jetting for Sediment Buildup

Our high-pressure water-jetting services are meant for hard-to-remove buildups within your plumbing pipes. Most often, the issue is due to scale buildup inside your sewer lines. When scale is building up, it forms an extremely sticky clog in the drain lines and sewer lines. Most often, the clogs are located in the trap underneath your sink but can be building up anywhere along your sewer lines.

Scale can continue to build up until your home’s drain lines are only allowing a trickle of water through. Our high-velocity sewer jetting equipment removes those tough clogs, so your wastewater runs freely again. Shooting a strong, highly focused water jet inside your pipes will remove the scale and sediment buildup, giving you free-flowing drains once again.

An Effective Solution for Tree Roots

Another common cause of clogs is tree root infiltration. Many trees have shallow root systems that grow near plumbing lines. These roots are attracted to water sources, and when there’s any leak at all in the plumbing lines, they will find their way in and cause a clog.

Unfortunately, problems like tree root infiltration can be difficult to detect because it all happens underground where your sewer and water lines are located. That means your plumber of choice will need to have the right equipment to detect and repair the tree root problem.

Your trusted professional team at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. can detect and solve your tree root problem. We can blast through your tree root clogs and make any repairs needed on your plumbing pipes or sewer line systems.

Get Sewer Cleaning in Bergen County Today

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