Garbage Disposal Installation in Paramus

Need a new garbage disposal? We can help you choose and install the right unit for your kitchen. Call (201) 602-4590 today to schedule an appointment with our experts in Paramus.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old garbage disposal, or this is your first time installing a new device, we can help.

J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. provides professional garbage disposal installation and replacement services for homeowners and businesses throughout Paramus and the greater Bergen County area. Contact us today to schedule immediate service in your area and learn more about your options.

Installing Your New Garbage Disposal

If this is your first time adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen, you will first need to make sure that your plumbing as well as your electrical system are disposal-ready. For properties that use a septic system, you will also need to ensure that your new garbage disposal is septic-safe.

When choosing your new garbage disposal, you also have the option to include additional upgrades and accessories, such as dishwasher drain connectors, baffles to help reduce noise and splashing, and push-button kits for more convenient operation.

Continuous Feed vs. Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

During your search for the right garbage disposal, you may have come across discussions regarding continuous feed and batch feed units. Our experts are happy to go over the different options available and help you select the perfect unit for your kitchen.

Continuous Feed

Most homeowners use continuous feed garbage disposals. These units come in many options and are more cost-effective compared to batch feed units. Continuous feed garbage disposals are easy to use, making them the best choice for larger households that have more food waste to dispose of on a daily basis.

Batch Feed

If you are looking for a safer garbage disposal option, you may want to consider batch feed units. These will include a drain cover that needs to be in place before the disposal will operate. Homeowners who prioritize safety or who have small children may find batch feed garbage disposals to be the perfect solution.

Whether you choose continuous feed or batch feed units, our experts can help you determine the right motor size and make sure your new device meets your particular needs. We can supply you with a quality product, or install one of your choosing.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding unexpected problems. Here are some easy tips to help you care for your garbage disposal:

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