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Whether you’re nearly a pro at home improvement projects or just become a new homeowner and you’re trying to learn your way around a tool box, you’re sure to be faced with several common plumbing problems. Some of the most ordinary issues can increase your monthly utility costs or even cause damage to your property. While calling a Bergenfield County plumber may not be the ideal way to spend an afternoon, there are ways a professional plumber can help with common plumbing issues.

Common Plumbing Problems

While our skilled team of technicians can tackle any plumbing problem you have, there is a list of plumbing problems the J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. team responds to most often. Find your ongoing plumbing problem in the list below or contact our team to see how we can restore your system.

  • Pipe leaks: A leaking pipe is no longer reason to dig up your lawn or home flooring. Our team uses trenchless technology to detect the exact location of your leak and repair the pipe all in the same day.

  • Clogged drain: Sinks, showers, and toilets can become a very messy situation if waste can’t be carried down the drain. Store-bought drain cleaners can only go so far before they become ineffective. Allow our team to perform a thorough camera inspection to determine the cause and location of the clog and complete an eco-friendly drain cleaning service.

  • Sewer line repair: Whether from invasive tree roots, age, or nearby construction, sewer lines can become compromised. Our team at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. can inspect and treat a number of sewer line issues without digging a trench through your yard.

  • Clogged toilet: Whether it’s age or a lodged foreign object, when the toilet won’t flush, you need an immediate solution. If your toilet or lines leading to it are clogged, our team can help.

  • Low water pressure: A leak may cause a sudden drop in water pressure. A camera inspection will reveal exactly where the leak is located and allow our team to make the repair in an affordable, reliable way.

  • Water heater installation: Your home’s water heater consumes roughly 25 percent of your home’s annual energy usage. Continuing with a faulty water heater will cause your energy bill to soar and increase water waste.

  • Emergency plumbing: Plumbing issues have impeccable timing. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or the holiday season with a house full of guests, our expert technicians can respond and help relieve the stress. We know your home or business must continue to operate beyond normal business hours, so we make ourselves available on your time.

While these plumbing problems are indeed quite common, they’re not always easy to remedy. Before you try a complicated DIY solution, give our team a call to handle your Bergen County plumbing issue.

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