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Drain Cleaning Hackensack

At J & C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc., we understand that drains are susceptible to clogs and blockages because of their daily use. Clogs and blockages within your pipes can include tree root invasion, calcified clogs, sediment buildup, waste buildup, and other complications. Our team is comprised of specialized experts that service Hackensack and its surrounding areas with drain inspection and cleaning techniques. Inspection and cleaning procedures are conducted in the most efficient way possible allowing you to always count on J & C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc.

Hackensack Bergen County NJ Drain Cleaning Services

Pipe Cleaning in Hackensack, New Jersey

It is important for Hackensack home and business owners to understand the benefits of drain cleaning so they can stay proactive about their drain health. Drain cleaning is just a removal of debris from drains and pipes. Overall, it’s not a very complicated procedure, nor is it challenging or time-staking. It’s simple and easily handled, doesn’t take much time, removes stress from your life, and is a low-cost operation that can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary sewer and pipe repairs, replacements, and installations.

However, drain cleaning is still left to the professionals. Commercial drain cleaners like Drano are full of chemical substances that say they tackle the toughest materials that make up clogs, such as hair, grease, fats, foods, corrosion, erosion, sediments, waste, and scum. That might be true- but it also tackles the materials of your pipes. Pipe materials like cast iron, copper, brass, concrete, and clay are susceptible to being broken down with consistent or even occasional use of heavy chemical cleaners. That’s why J&C Plumbing offers eco-friendly and pipe-friendly drain cleaning solutions. It’s recommended that you get your pipes cleaned at least twice a year, and we’re happy to help you with a maintenance plan.

Drain Cleaning Bergen County New Jersey

Types of Drain Cleaning Services

Primarily, drain cleaning can be done in two forms. The first is ‘snaking’, which is the most used and widespread form of drain cleaning. Snaking uses a spiked plastic pole to clear pipes of debris. It’s not 100% effective but it does a relatively good job of clearing debris like hair, sediment and scum buildup, and waste buildup. It can decrease the chances of another buildup like the one you had before. It can also solve the problem immediately.

However, if you’re seeking 100% effective and efficient drain cleaning, seek out hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is eco-friendly, cost effective, and fast. It’s great for emergency and maintenance care. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water through a thin nozzle to scour your pipes clean. This exposes any other problems in your pipes, such as leaks or fractures in the pipeline, and allows a plumbing technician to diagnose the problem on the spot rather than having to take a separate trip to your home or business to diagnose the problem.

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Hydro jetting is also extremely effective. It consistently and continuously reduces the chances of another clog buildup and entirely cleans your pipes. Because it only relies on the use of water, it’s entirely eco-friendly and doesn’t harm your pipes.

Drain cleaning can be a complex process, so trust the professionals at J & C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. today for speedy and efficient drain cleaning services your Hackensack property will be satisfied with.

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