Simple Troubleshooting Solutions For Common Water Heater Problems

Your water heater sits in your Paramus home and silently works to provide hot water. Generally, it’s a forgotten appliance until a problem pops up unexpectedly. Unfortunately, a lot of water heater issues could be avoided with a little attention and some simple troubleshooting.

As a homeowner, it’s good to know how to recognize potential problems with a mechanical system of your home before the unit gives out for good. Here are some things to check that indicate signs of trouble with your water heater and what common solutions usually solve the problem.


Having lukewarm water to shower in is no fun. We need the steaming water to help us to relax and really get clean. If your water heater sends boiling hot water and then it quickly turns cold, there’s an issue. If only one person gets the hot water to shower with, another common problem could be going on.

The water heater tank is not big enough - Water heaters are chosen based on the number of bedrooms in a house at the time the home was built. Later, the tank is replaced according to the needs of the household at that time. Generally, it’s hard to get the wrong size water heater tank, but it does happen. Families can grow and needs can change as well. You may need a larger water heater tank if only one person gets the hot water. But first, get a local plumber to check the heating elements.

The heating elements may be burning out - Replacing heating elements is pretty straightforward, but it’s best to contact a plumber to check them out. One of the most common reasons for a heating element to fail is corrosion within the tank. You can avoid this problem by flushing out the water heater tank every year. If you have hard water, you may need a flush-out more regularly.


If you are finding white flakes in the hot water, this is caused by mineral deposits. Minerals that are present in hard water get heated by the water heater and then flow through the plumbing system. With heat and time, the minerals stick to the lining of pipes and to the rest of the plumbing system. The dishwasher will have a tough time with spots and chalky coatings. Your laundry can be affected as well. Our plumbing repair team can help!

There are times when no amount of water heater tank flushing will remove the deposits. A professional plumber may need to replace the tank and install a water softener to solve the problem. Start with the basic water heater maintenance and tank flush-out and move on from there.

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