Why Your Hackensack Water Heaters Need Cleaning

One of the main causes of water heater damages is due to the sediments present in all freshwater sources, including sources that serve your Hackensack home. If your home isn’t fitted with a whole home water softener system or a water purification system that rids the Hackensack water supply of sedimentary deposits, you’re likely to have a water heater and plumbing pipe problems that are caused by hard water.

The scale is a substance that forms when certain sediments in the water are heated to higher temperatures. The water heater in your home heats water to temperatures that cause scale. While sediment buildup is a problem whether the water is heated to form scale or not, your plumbing pipes and hot water heater in Hackensack can build up the sedimentary deposits.
These substances are lightweight and travel through your entire plumbing lines. They build up within the bottom of your hot water heater tank as well and get circulated around the heating elements and other parts within, causing corrosion and other mechanical issues.


While the real cure for the scale buildup may be to install a water softener for the whole home, your water heater tank and hot water lines may need to be professionally flushed out or cleaned with hydro-jetting equipment by a local plumber.

Every Hackensack home is different, so how often your water heater needs cleaning will depend on a number of factors including the number of sediments in your water, whether or not you have a water softener installed, and how much you run your hot water heater.

In general, a once a year maintenance service should take care of the buildup problem, but to prevent it altogether, consider having a whole home water softener installed to cure all such plumbing problems.


If your Hackensack hot water heater has been damaged by sediments in your water, the good news is that today’s water heaters are much more efficient than those manufactured just a few years ago, so when we replace your water heater you’ll have more in the way of energy savings for your home.

Let us help you with your water heater replacements, upgrades to new tankless systems, and maintenance, and you’re sure to have the hot water you need with little interruption. You can always trust the professional Bergen County, NJ plumber at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. to give you honest information about your Hackensack home’s water heater. You can trust us to never tell you that you need a service you don’t need.

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