Why Pipes Crack And Burst From Freezing Weather In Ridgefield Park

There can be a number of reasons your Ridgefield Park, Bergen County home’s pipes crack or burst. One of the main causes is exposed pipes or fixtures or pipes and fixtures that were improperly wrapped.

Pipes can crack from other causes as well. They can be crushed when too much weight is put on the ground above them. For instance, a large moving truck or garbage truck weighing tons can crush your water lines to your Ridgefield Park home or your sewer lines leading away from the home. Other problems that cause cracked pipes can be from tree roots growing into the lines.

Many customers ask us how plumbing pipes can burst when cold temperatures will contract materials, not expand them. The answer has to do with how water behaves when it freezes, and with how it acts when inside a tube with high pressure.

First, when water freezes, true it may contract the substances it comes into contact with, but the water itself will actually expand, not contract. Frozen water takes up more space than liquid water, meaning it needs more room in the pipes than it has.

If flexible pipes were used, the water would have a way to expand, but because the water has to be under high pressures, the pipes cannot be allowed to expand to make more room for frozen water.

So you can imagine for a moment, that when regular temperature water is traveling through your Ridgefield Park home’s pipes, it flows freely. But once it gets below freezing, it expands and is under such high pressure that it has to go somewhere. That’s when pipes burst or more commonly, joints crack, split, or the adhesive that joins pipes can give out.

Being without water means you have no freshwater and no way to remove wastewater from your home. That’s why you always hear plumbers talking about wrapping your pipes and how to properly wrap them to keep your plumbing lines from freezing over during winter weather. We can help you winterize your Ridgefield Park plumbing system so you have don’t have to worry about your Bergen County home’s plumbing system freezing up on you.


Wrapping all the exposed plumbing in your Ridgefield Park home may be a difficult task for you. We’ll be glad to come and properly wrap all your home’s pipes and exposed fixtures. Like everything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to wrap pipes.

Any pipes located near outer walls of your Ridgefield Park home may also need to be winterized. Also, if you have a hot water tank or system that’s located in the garage, near an outside wall, or in an outdoor storage area, your water heater tank will also need to be wrapped properly to avoid freezing.

If your pipes and plumbing fixtures are not wrapped properly with no possible places for water or moisture to leak in, it’s as if nothing at all were done because moisture can get back behind your wrapping and will effectively freeze your pipes as if they were fully exposed to the cold weather here in Ridgefield Park.

Let the professional Ridgefield Park plumber at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. take care of all your exposed plumbing and you’ll not have anything to worry about this season and many seasons to come.

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