When Should I Have My Drains Cleaned By a Professional?

Any plumber will agree that keeping your drains clean is a very important part of keeping your plumbing system functional. Anytime you use running water for anything in your home, you're using your drains, so if they're clogged or blocked at all, your plumbing system and plumbing fixtures won't function properly. Still, most homeowners neglect their drains, and drains aren't cleaned by a professional even when it's totally necessary.

If your home's drains become significantly clogged, then professional drain cleaning services are very important. If the clogs are allowed to persist, you may need to have your pipes completely replaced. In order to keep your home's plumbing system in great shape, the professional Paramus, NJ plumbers at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc., recommend that you have your drains cleaned regularly.

If you're unsure of whether or not your drains need to be cleaned professionally, look for some of these signs:


Drain clogs form gradually over long periods of time as waste sticks to the sides of the drain pipe and slowly builds up toward the center. As more waste builds up, water will drain more slowly through the pipes. Once you're able to notice that your drains are starting to drain more slowly, you should schedule an appointment with our Bergen County drain cleaners.


One of the easiest ways to notice if there's a problem with your drains is to take note of any horrible smells coming from them. Almost always, these smells mean that you need to schedule drain cleaning services. This is especially common for kitchen drains because they deal with so much food waste. If the smell is coming from multiple drains at once, that probably means that the problem is rooted more deeply in your pipes.


The best way to keep your Bergen County home's drains in great condition at all times is to have them cleaned regularly. Our professionals recommend that you have drain cleaning services performed at least once each year in order to prevent build-ups from occurring in the first place. Not only will you always know that your drains are in great shape, but you'll also avoid needing emergency repairs and unforeseen drain cleaning services.

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