Inspecting Your Bergen County Area Plumbing

As a homeowner, you probably have an endless to-do list of home maintenance and repair work. Of course, you know that your home improvement and maintenance work goes a long way towards preventing major, costly problems from developing on your property. Some tasks, such as lawn maintenance or, are obvious and easy to remember. However, hidden parts of your home may not always get the attention they require. For example, some Bergen County homeowners may not realize that their home plumbing systems also need regular attention. Your home’s pipes, drains, and general plumbing system need to be regularly inspected for any sign of problems developing. A small clog or leak can quickly develop into a major headache, so catching it early can be a great way to save yourself time and hassle. If you have any of these or other signs of plumbing problems, contact our team of knowledgeable and friendly Bergen County plumbers at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. for expert help with all of your plumbing repair needs.


Inspection your faucets, pipes, and drains for signs of leaks and clogs is key to catching small plumbing problems before they turn into larger problems like water damage and mold. To inspect your home, the first step is to run all the faucets in your home. The water should come in a steady stream from your pipes. If any of your faucets’ water flow seems unusually low, you could have a hidden leak somewhere in the pipes throughout your home. While your faucets are running, go ahead and observe the drains as well. All the water flowing from your faucets should be going down the drain at about the same rate as it enters your sink or tub. If you see any signs of water pooling around one or more of your drains, you could have a clog forming somewhere in your pipes. If you suspect that your Bergen County home has any issues with low water pressure or clogged pipes, contact our crew at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. for professional help today!


Once you have checked your faucets and drains for evidence of plumbing problems, go around your home and identify all the locations where you can see exposed pipes. Under sinks, behind toilets, and near your water heater are all good places to check. Inspect these exposed pipes for signs of leaks. Small leaks may not be apparent, so make sure to look closely.

Sometimes the first clue will simply be dampness around the pipe. Another sign is corroded joints or piping. Because damp metal corrodes faster than dry metal, corroded pipes, especially near the joints, can sometimes be evidence of a small leak. Small, barely perceptible leaks may not seem like a plumbing emergency, but exposure to even small amounts of moisture can cause water damage and mold in your home. Additionally, small leaks can often grow over time if left uncorrected.

Eventually, what was once just a small damp spot can become a major puddle or worse. Plus, aside from mold and water damage, leaks can add lots of extra usage to your water bill every month. If you suspect that your Bergen County home may have leaky pipes, do not delay in contacting the professional plumbers at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. for expert assistance right away!


If you are able to read your own water meter, you may be able to try one last trick to determining if your home has undetected leaks somewhere on the premises. When you know that your home will be empty for several hours, stop to read your water meter before you leave. You can take a picture on your smartphone or camera, or write down the reading to make sure you remember it correctly. When you return, read your water meter again and compare the two readings. If there has been any change in your water meter reading while your home has been empty, that is a sure sign that your pipes are leaking water somewhere in your home. Our team of qualified experts at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. will be happy to assist you with locating and repairing any plumbing problems in your Bergen County area home.

For the best Bergen County, NJ plumber, call the professional plumbers at J&C Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc. and you'll have affordable plumbers you can call upon any time you need help with your home's plumbing.